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Look at the small graph. AppleJack runs in Single User Mode and is menu-based for ease of use. Console You can use the console application to examine Mac OS log files.

OnyX 3.3.1 for macOS Sierra 10.12

The logs will contain information on various system processes. Other folks bdaqua advises running disk utility from install disk and performing a safe boot: Allan Jones advises running automatic maintenance scripts and checking for free disk space: K Shaffer advises checking for available RAM and checking for free disk space: I have an old OS X, version How can I delete cookies in an effort to improve the speed?

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Modern desktops can also run hot and thus will benefit from fan control software as well. This includes some that came with Tiger. It takes RAM and processor power to keep these widgets running, even when the Dashboard is hidden, so a judicious evaluation of what widgets you do use can boost computing efficiency nicely. Do you really need that Ski Conditions widget or neeed to have the Clock widget running? If not, disable them to conserve RAM and processor use.

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  • How will you know about them? Check it occasionally to see if there are any red flags — or keep it running for a few days with one of the useful Dock icons or floating windows enabled to keep an eye on when things are spiking. If your Mac is starting to feel sluggish, it may be because your drive is too full.

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    There are lots of ways to clean it off, but sometimes a little more free space is all you need to be a peak performance again. If you choose OnyX, be sure to download version 1. There are separate versions for each edition of OS X from I tend to run the whole battery of tools — both the maintenance and the cleaning options in OnyX — at the same time, but you may prefer to set them to run as scheduled routines in a certain order.

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    Menu extras are the icons on the right side of the Apple menu bar other than the Spotlight icon Leopard, Tiger. Third-party menu extras that use an active Internet connection can result in very high CPU usage if the network connection becomes busy or blocked. The chances of this increase if you are simultaneously using streaming media and a menu extra that requires an Internet connection. Quitting your third-party menu extras should resolve the problem. Maintain ample free space on your startup disk Mac OS X makes extensive use of Virtual Memory VM , which requires free disk space on your startup disk, aka your boot volume.

    Turn off the eye candy While I imagine everyone is impressed the first time they see a window minimized to the Dock with the Genie effect, this entertainment has a performance cost. Select Scale Effect in the Minimize Using field. Deselect the Animate Opening Applications option. Disable window effects Tools such as Cocktail and TinkerTool provide options to disable effects, such as zoom and rectangle, that appear when windows and files are opened and closed.

    The actual settings these utilities change are already available in Mac OS X but are "hidden" as there is currently no provision for changing them in System Preferences. Avoid using an animated desktop background While entertaining, an animated desktop background steals cycles from other processes on your Mac. It is better to have a static picture as your desktop background if performance is important.

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    It is not so much displaying the visuals as the computational effort needed to synchronize them with the music in real time that makes them so processor-intensive. Under Mac OS X You can reclaim these resources by closing nonessential widgets.

    iBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger. Useful in 2018?

    To close a widget: Open Dashboard.