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I've been testing by using the secondary server as my only DNS server on my laptop and it won't resolve anything. Make sure that on the primary, for the zone in question, that you have enabled zone transfers "Allows zone transfer" - looks like it is from your output.

Setting up OSX 10.8 server and get an error - invalid DNS name, help?

And on the secondary under settings that you allow recursive queries from a defined network that includes your client machines. Or else lookups for anything other than what's defined in the zone will fail. If client machines are not in the same subnet as your server, then they fall outside the default "localnets". How is your secondary zone configured on the secondary server?

Mac OS X Server: Setting up a primary DNS zone -

Assuming your primary DNS is hosting the primary zone and is configured to allow zone transfers then all you need to do is add the secondary zone to your secondary server. I haven't tried this on a Lion server yet, but that is how I have zones transferring in our Be advised that nslookup is a 2nd or 3rd-class citizen in any current Mac OS X.

Use dig "man dig" no actual quotes in the Terminal for more for direct DNS queries. But name resolution in Snow Leopard David is spot on with that one. We have a mixed environment and nslookup is the 1st class citizen of the 2nd class OS Windows. So it's just the one I use by habit.

If OpenVPN is connected to the server but your IP address does not change

Another useful Mac OS X command in this case is:. This can help if you are making frequent changes while troubleshooting and things aren't working as you expected. Like David suggests the man pages for these commands will help give you some good direction on this. I have followed all the books and tutorials online, but none of them seem to explain setting up name servers for use outside of my network I would like to run a dev server that other people can use I have a 2wire modem that is plugged into the switch for my local network.

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Sorry for the long post, would appreciate any help. Having said that, I recommend not doing both internal and external resolving for split-horizon DNS on your server, mainly because: Perfect solution.

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Good to hear. BTW, it's good form to "check" the answer you end up using Alnitak Alnitak Have yet to try to do anything outside of the pretty interface. I know that is bad I am a little hesitant to change the files outside of the osx server admin because apple states "For Mac OS X Server I believe it'd strip the custom views from the configs, but I've not tried. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

Setting up OSX server and get an error - invalid DNS name, help? | MacRumors Forums

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How to Change DNS Server Settings in Mac OS X

Click on the plus sign and then click on Add Machine record. Click on Done to commit the changes.

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  • Then, click on the cog wheel icon below the list of records and click on Show All Records. Click the Edit… button for the Forwarding Servers field. Click the plus sign to enter the IP address of any necessary Forwarders.

    Once back at the main DNS service control screen, click the Edit… button for Perform lookups for to configure what computers the DNS server you are setting up can use the DNS service that the server is hosting. To list the various types of records:. Primary Zone: For example, www. Machine Record: Name Server: NS record, indicates the authoritative DNS server for each zone.

    If you only have one DNS server then this should be the server itself.

    IS&T Contributions

    Reverse Zone: Zone that maps each name that IP addresses within the zone answer with. Reverse Zones are comprised of Reverse Mappings and each octal change in an IP scheme that has records mapped represents a new Reverse Zone. Reverse Mapping: PTR record, or a record that indicates the name that should respond for a given IP address. These are automatically created for the first IP address listed in a Machine Record. Alias Record: Service Record: